Corporate Development & Training

Core Training CatalogIs your organization committed to developing its current leadership and accelerating their growth as part of its long-term strategy? Do you have strong senior managers who have the potential to be great leaders? Are your executives truly performing at the top of their game? These are important questions to ask if you’re serious about taking your management team to the next level.

National EAP knows keeping pace with the business landscape is daunting. Change is everywhere. But truly great companies – those who consistently leapfrog over the competition and set a pace others can only try to match – know their future success will be determined by the quality of the leaders at the helm. Their competence, vision and drive must be combined with the ability to build rapport, consolidate support, gain consensus and buy-in, and inspire and motivate others. National EAP’s Corporate Development & Training Services are tailor- made for companies that want to help their executives – and their companies — reach the pinnacle of their potential.

National EAP’s high-impact, concierge-style leadership training and coaching is ready to transform your company. Choose from a dynamic array of programs and services, customized for your needs. They include:

DiSC® Assessment Program

DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool which centers on 4 different personality traits: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). The DiSC model offers a common language that allows individuals to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors. Well-researched and validated, the DiSC assessment acts as a springboard for conversation and team building, improves communication, helps individuals understand those who are – and are not – like them, and helps reduce conflict and misunderstandings.
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Leadership Master Class

This two-day training program offers a deep dive into the tenets of leadership, exploring what it means to be a change agent within your organization. Participants will have the chance to evaluate their own as well as their colleagues’ communication styles, assess their conflict management effectiveness, dig deep to understand their own values and how they tie into their leadership role, learn to manage their trigger points and create a plan for employee development. Essential for executive and managers who are integral to your organization and who must know how to lead with purpose.
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Family Business Coaching

Family-owned businesses have unique challenges such as intergenerational, sibling and marital conflicts, differing management styles, succession planning, and the impact of death and divorce. National EAP helps identify and resolve the emotional and relationship issues that create an unhealthy familial work environment, which can impede positive decision-making due to lingering anger and resentment. National EAP is an expert at facilitating open communications, allowing families to manage conflict more effectively, and aiding strategic and succession planning to help align the family’s needs, vision and values.
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Executive Coaching

National EAP offers personalized assistance to executives and leaders at all levels to boost performance and increase productivity and personal effectiveness. This program helps individuals identify personal strengths and areas for growth, how to create rapport with employees, develops conflict resolution skills, increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and helps the individual refine their professional goals. The course includes up to 3 in-person, video conference or telephonic sessions per month, unlimited emails, 2 ten-minute “laser” telephonic sessions each month as well as homework assignments, feedback and goal tracking.
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Training Services

National EAP offers a wide range of one-hour training sessions, all designed to boost performance, help the attendee gain critical insights into their behavior and attitudes as well the perspectives and rights of others, and further adoption of positive communication skills. Our training classes fall into 4 major categories:

  • Employee soft skill development
  • Policy compliance (harassment, diversity & cultural competence, drug-free workplace, etc.)
  • Leadership development
  • Wellness

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Sensitivity Training

This 3-hour training program addresses a wide range of topics aimed at building awareness of and respect for others. It covers topics that include what is (and what is not) workplace harassment, a clear understanding of professional conduct, the different types of protected classes in the workplace, anti-discrimination laws, liability issues, and effective communication techniques to utilize with employees and peers. It also explores how to respect generational differences.
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Sexual Harassment Remediation

For executives and leaders who may require remediation via coaching, our intervention-based training can turn around unwanted or inappropriate behavior, making them aware of behaviors that fall into the category of harassment. It can also help mitigate lawsuits and protect the organization from issues arising from sexual harassment claims. This program is delivered one-to-one in a comfortable and confidential setting with the referred employee as a response to inappropriate workplace conduct.
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Sexual Harassment Training

Some states, such as New York, have enacted stringent sexual harassment regulations requiring annual training for employees. National EAP is fully versed in state regulations and has all the training solutions you need to keep your business up-to-date and compliant. Attendees will learn about the prevalence of sexual harassment, the behaviors that can be considered harassment and steps to take if involved in a sexual harassment situation.
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