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Mindful Meditation Is Transformative

Hello!  This is Julie Simon with a powerful message about the life changing effects of meditation.

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness.  It is simply stated the act of “being”.  Sounds pretty easy right?  That’s what I thought several years ago when I decided to give it a try.  I told myself “I will just meditate for 5 minutes” and assumed it would be easy.    As I sat, trying to focus on my breathing and the present moment, what seemed like a million thoughts entered my mind:

I can’t forget to email my client back tomorrow.

Do I have someone to watch the dog next weekend while I’m away?

Ugh, my house is getting so messy, I need to find some time to clean up!

Oh, wait a minute, I’m supposed to be meditating and not thinking of these things..what’s wrong with me!

Bad news: turns out meditation is not as easy as it seems!

Good news!  Meditation can be learned, and as with most things, practice makes perfect…or close to perfect!  (We always want to leave ourselves something to strive for!)

Over the past few years, I built up my meditation practice, beginning with 5 minutes, increased to 7, then to 10 until finally I was sitting for 30 minutes meditating.  When a distraction or thought would enter my mind, I would acknowledge it and then make a conscious effort to release it and turn my attention back to that present moment.  I began doing guided meditations which are my favorite.  I discovered you tube and the endless amounts of guided mediations that are on there, all different themes – stress-relief, relaxation, reducing anxiety, confidence, etc.  I still use them today!

Once I practiced consistently, meditation not only became easy but it became a part of my routine and a part of my life.  In addition to actually enjoying this quiet “me time” and tuning into my inner self, I have noticed a multitude of positive effects in all aspects of my life.  I feel happier, more confident, more in touch with myself.  When a stressful situation comes up, I handle it calmly and with more ease than I did in the past.  I sleep better and I have more energy.  It truly is amazing!

Five years ago I absolutely refused to buy into meditation and the whole spirituality/holistic healing concept.  I am so grateful that I opened myself and my life up to it as the moment I let my guard down and embraced this new way of life, it was a paradigm shift into a new world of empowerment, motivation and inner peace.  Along with several other self-care tools I use, meditation has changed my life and I strongly encourage you to give it a try!  My meditation tip: go to you tube on the web and search for mindful meditations and let a video guide you on your first journey.  I promise it gets easier each time you do it.  Good luck!

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