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When The Worst Thing Happens, Who Do You Call?

  • A recently terminated employee texts their manager a vitriolic hate filled text that states he will kill him, his wife, their children and then himself.
  • An employee who displayed no indicators commits suicide in your workplace in a violent way.
  • A long time valued employee has a sudden aggressive outburst with the CEO, threatening to punch him.
  • Your high earning sales person sexually harasses an intern.
  • Your employee struggles with depression and you discover they are self harming by cutting

An EAP is so much more than a 1-800 number for employees.  A proper stand alone EAP will deliver immediate response, support, guidance and intervention services in all types of situations and manage it in partnership with HR from start to finish.

So if you don’t have that kind of relationship with your EAP, it is time to put the right one in place because when a crisis hits, you don’t have time for hesitation.