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Administrative Referral

A male employee was administratively referred for inappropriate conduct at work and complaints of harassment by subordinates.  This employee was valued by his organization and his employer was concerned that if he didn’t turn around his behavior, they would lose a strong performer that generated a great deal of sales.  The employee was given a Performance Improvement Plan that stated he would be terminated if he didn’t turn around his behavior.  He was also referred to National EAP’s administrative referral program to deliver EA counseling to assist his growth.  Upon engagement with National EAP, the employee initially demonstrated little insight into referral behaviors and was quite resistant to the EAP counseling process.  Our EAP Specialist worked with the employee to explore these behaviors, identify underlying personal issues, educate the employee on harassment and workplace appropriateness and help the employee make the changes necessary to succeed at work.  After the first two sessions, the employee’s resistance appeared to dissipate and he was able to embrace the Employee Assistance turnaround process.  By the end of his EAP sessions (6), the employee expressed how much he had learned and how grateful he was for National EAP.  He even chose to continue on his self-development work, requesting a long-term referral to an outside counselor for ongoing support.