About National EAP

Who We Are

National EAP was founded more than 35 years ago and our mission stands as strong as ever today: to provide programs and services designed to help employees rise above personal and professional challenges, fulfill their potential, adopt healthier lifestyles and foster personal growth. When you partner with National EAP, you gain immediate access to over 50 customized programs implemented by clinical behavioral specialists and corporate coaches, all highly trained in assessing management and employee issues requiring remediation as well as leadership development programs that will take your team to the next level.

Our interventional flagship Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) range from work/life balance, critical incident response, individual performance counseling and substance abuse management to on-site conflict mediation services, wellness programs and more. On the Corporate Development side, we help your employees go from good to great with programs that span professional growth, leadership development, training services, succession planning and more. Taken alone or together, our end-to-end solutions can transform a workplace marred by absenteeism, burnout and underperformance to one infused with productivity, motivation and inspiration – unlocking potential and delivering peak performance.


Our mission is threefold:

  • To foster positive growth in the workplace
  • Maximize individual and group potential, and
  • Help drive and sustain cultures of excellence.


We adhere to the highest clinical standards and hold client trust in the utmost regard. National EAP never discloses information that would reveal the identity of any member without prior written consent and complies with all HIPAA regulations to ensure client confidentiality.

Competitive Advantage

What sets us apart? First, our scope. We are a true national organization, serving companies from 10 employees to 15,000 across the U.S. Moreover, in a marketplace filled with insurance-run and commoditized employee assistance programs, National EAP distinguishes itself as a next-gen market leader. We are not simply experts in the nuts and bolts of EAP, but the art of EAP. At National EAP, there are no cookie cutter solutions. We take the time to get to know your organization: where its challenges and needs are greatest and where barriers to improvement may exist. We are your one-stop workplace solution, whether you require a single program or suite of services.


In addition to a happier, healthier, more committed workforce, you can expect a financial return on investment (ROI). In a study commissioned by the Journal of Employee Assistance, 4,707 EAP clients reported an average annualized ROI of $10,187.99 per employee in productivity improvements. Among those who utilized EAP services:

  • absenteeism dropped 32%
  • emotional well-being increased 87%
  • morale and motivation improved 51%
  • productivity increased over 25%

Source: The Journal of Employee Assistance 1Q 2014: Vol 44, No. 1