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At National EAP, transforming mindsets and creating empathy-driven cultures is at the heart of everything we do.  All of our services are person and culture centered resulting in increased engagement and better outcomes.  Our 1:1 and group work requires participants to look inward and ask themselves tough questions because driving personal responsibility and delivering opportunities for growth and “a-ha” moments is our passion.  Lastly, National EAP only provides high quality services delivered by the experts in that field of knowledge, therefore to further complement our behavioral work and offer you an expanded array of expert solutions, we have partnered with two leading companies in the D & I field to offer additional programming, corporate development and mentoring solutions that are the perfect complement to our mission and work.

Employee Group Training

  • Diversity and Inclusion 101
    • This lively and interactive seminar allows attendees to develop their awareness about workplace diversity and the role they play in creating a culture of belonging.
    • Topics covered:
      • The meaning of diversity in the workplace
      • Equity, inclusion, and belonging
      • Conscious and unconscious bias
      • Steps individuals can take to foster a culture of belonging
      • Benefits of diverse workplace
      • Strategies for positive interpersonal interactions
  • Combined Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training
    • Enrich your annual Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness training by choosing to have expanded education on all discrimination in the workplace.*
      *NYS and NYC compliant
    • This 30-minute add on will cover topics such as:
      • Conscious and unconscious bias
      • Examples of discrimination in workplace
      • Discussion on equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Unconscious Bias Training provided by Uma Group, LLC.
    • This in-depth course is built around core diversity and inclusion principles. The participant will experience practical exercises and roleplaying to define, recognize and acknowledge:
      • Microaggressions
      • Micro-messaging
      • Nuances related to gender, culture and systemic biases
    • You will learn proactive steps to recognize and counter unconscious bias, both at work and at home, in order to become a more inclusive peer and leader.
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion Training Series provided by Uma Group, LLC.
    • Four-part training series on Creating a Culture of Inclusion. This series sparks thoughtful conversation and educates on methods to foster a more inclusive working environment. These lessons are delivered in 60-minute, interactive seminars either in-person or via video conferencing. The training topics will include:
      • Getting to know your team
      • The importance of empathy and listening
      • Creating a culture of inclusion
      • How to be an ally

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  • 1:1 Mentoring provided by Uma Group, LLC.
    • Mentoring services for executives and leaders who want to ensure that they are leading the way on diversity and inclusion efforts within their organization.
    • Frequency of mentoring sessions can be customized to your needs
    • Receive guidance on:
      • Navigating difficult conversations in the workplace
      • Starting or strengthening your organizations diversity and inclusion initiatives

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Remediation Services

  • 1:1 Intervention
    • For employees who may require remediation via coaching, our intervention-based training can turn around unwanted or inappropriate behavior, making them aware of behaviors that fall into the category of harassment and discrimination. Services may include:
      • HR and management consultation
      • Up to six (6) 1:1 sessions with an EAP Specialist
      • Individual training sessions
      • Executive coaching

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Panel Discussion with Q&A

On September 15th, National EAP hosted a panel discussion where we spoke to experts, Rita Kakati-Shah, Founder & CEO of Uma, and Jeffrey Schlossberg, Attorney at Law from Jackson Lewis PC, discuss how organizations can create a more inclusive workplace while reducing organizational risk. Speakers addressed topics such as affinity groups, discussing social justice in the workplace, legal considerations, and much more.

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