EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) Services

Employee Assistance Programs

National EAP is the nation’s premier provider of employee assistance programs and services. We are a results-driven, confidential resource for employees struggling with personal or professional challenges that may interfere with their work performance. The clinical grounding of our professionally trained team, coupled with our track record of success in helping people meet and overcome workplace challenges, makes us one of the most respected and sought-after EAP service providers in the United States.

Utilizing an EAP during COVID-19

There is an increased demand for employee assistance programs as the world adapts to the coronavirus pandemic. Without exception, every American worker has been affected in one way or another. Fear, uncertainty and anxiety are at an all-time high, leading to a spike in behavioral and mental health issues. These interfere with productivity and elevate the potential for distraction, poor morale and even workplace conflict. Using cutting-edge strategies rooted in empathy and self-knowledge, such as emotional intelligence and effective engagement, National EAP can substantially help employees cope with the effects of the pandemic as well as other work or personal problems affecting performance. Experts predict the effects of the pandemic will be pervasive and long lasting, requiring employers to act now to head off lasting aftereffects and preserve workforce stability.

National EAP Helps with These Personal and Workplace Challenges

  • Grief, anxiety, depression and more caused by COVID-19
  • Feelings of isolation as a result of quarantine and remote working
  • Spikes in alcohol and drug abuse, particularly resurgences in opioid abuse due to the effects of the pandemic
  • Fears about safely returning to the workplace
  • Conflicts with peers or supervisors
  • Family and marital conflicts
  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Childcare and eldercare needs
  • Health challenges
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Financial/legal difficulties
  • ID theft recovery
  • Parenting concerns
  • Domestic abuse

Our EAP master-level clinicians are available 24/7/365 to provide compassionate care and immediate assistance. And employees never have to pay for these services because they are provided by the employer organization.

For Employees – Understanding the EAP Process

When you contact National EAP you will receive a caring, thorough, confidential assessment to understand your concerns, examine options, identify goals and develop a course of action. All employee assistance program (EAP) services are easily accessed via our toll-free number or by visiting the member section of our website. Services are available in Spanish and every effort is made to accommodate other languages as needed. Crisis counseling, short-term solution-focused counseling, work/life services, long-term referrals and much more is offered through EAP services, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Check with your employer for specifics on the services that are available to you.

If you have a long-term problem or a medical issue that requires specialized care, National EAP’s team will assist you in sourcing and recommending the services you need, such as psychiatric or substance abuse specialists. We will provide pre-qualified referrals to ensure a smooth transition to community resources, saving you the hassle of finding the right match.

For Employers – Providing EAP Services During the Pandemic and Beyond

Employees are the backbone of your business and they are your most valuable assets. Now, during this harrowing and uncertain time, it is critical that you provide your employees with a qualified independent employee assistance programs that have the skills to provide professional services to address the psychological and emotional impact of COVID-19 and the life changes that accompany it. When employees feel valued and safe, productivity and motivation skyrocket. Moreover, the ripple effect of a supportive workplace, remote or otherwise, is palpable: happier employees are more likely to positively influence others. Conversely, when employees are distracted by personal problems workplace performance can suffer – and so does your bottom line.

Without question, COVID-19 is threatening everyone’s sense of well-being and safety. Even the steadiest and most stable employees in your organization can’t help but be impacted. Smart employers must be proactive about providing services that will help provide positive outcomes using time-tested concepts of emotional intelligence and effective engagement.

Data shows that roughly 40% of employees struggle with depression, anxiety and stress at any given time, and we expect that number to increase as we journey through the COVID-19 crisis. The implications of not taking action are clear: increased healthcare utilization, accidents, turnover, disability claims, absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor morale.

Providing employees with effective employee assistance programs can proactively defuse such issues before they escalate, restoring resilience, engagement and well-being. With National EAP your Human Resources Department gains an experienced partner that can create meaningful employee assistance programs that are not only custom-tailored to your organization’s needs but also addresses today’s significant real-world challenges.

National EAP delivers tangible results. We stand ready to guide your team through every phase of this crisis.

Employee Assistance Program

National EAP offers two types of EAP programs: Core EAP and Comprehensive EAP. Each is highly customized after thoughtful consultation with you to assess your needs, budget, organizational scope and unique challenges. Both options include a broad array of offerings, from work/life balance programs to wellness coaching, and remediation counseling to on-site crisis intervention and more.

In addition, all members benefit from 24-hour access to our state-of-the art website www.nationaleap.com that features content modules providing a wealth of beneficial information and resources. Among them you will find skill-building training programs, monthly webinars, an interactive learning center, wellness and savings centers, and self-serve locators for child care, elder care, adoption, education, veterinarians, attorneys, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

With the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, National EAP brings particular expertise in helping organizations deal with employees’ behavioral and mental health challenges. This pandemic has resulted in a traumatized employee population. Feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty are universally felt in the workplace, impacting morale and productivity and sometimes resulting in unwanted behaviors. Using sensitive, respectful interactions, our hands-on team of experts can quickly intervene, identify issues and get employees back on track, restoring stability and well-being in the workplace.

Core EAP

The Core EAP program is delivered electronically and telephonically as well as via in-person counseling. It is best suited for companies who wish to curate the scope of services by selecting those services most relevant to their employees. These services include:

  • Consultation and assessment with an EAP specialist
  • Short-term, solutions-focused counseling as needed, available nationwide
  • Referrals to outside services such as therapists, psychiatrists, substance abuse treatment programs and the like
  • Skill building seminars offered through our website available 24/7/365
  • Crisis Support

Comprehensive EAP

The Comprehensive EAP program includes all components of the Core EAP, but takes employee assistance to the next level. Broader in scope and more strategic by design, Comprehensive EAP envisions a true partnership. National EAP becomes a virtual part of your team, getting to know your culture from the inside out. Now, your EAP is not simply a set of services, but a strategic management tool. Many clients find this option, which offers greater end-to-end services, delivers greater ROI since the program is integrated into the fabric of your corporate culture, allowing us, in collaboration with you, to address a broader array of employee and corporate issues.
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Critical Incident/Crisis Management

Responding to Critical Incident/Crisis Management in the Workplace

When a tragedy such as the coronavirus pandemic strikes at the heart of your organization, you need to quickly deliver a resiliency-building response. National EAP is well positioned to provide services focused specifically on crisis intervention and resolution.

On-site and Virtual Interventions

National EAP can host structured group or individual interventions either virtually or onsite. These are designed to help individuals recover after exposure to a short- or long-term traumatic event, COVID-19 or Non-COVID-19 related, such as a death (e.g., co-worker, family member, friend or patient), separation anxiety due to the need to quarantine from loved ones who are ill (whether or not they are in a medical facility), domestic violence, workplace threat or even an act of terrorism.

Coping Tools for Traumatic Events and Workplace Threats

National EAP’s crisis-trained mental health therapists help employees process their experience and encourage the development of strategies and skills to better cope with the event. Individuals typically respond well to such support, regaining their ability to function productively in the workplace. Those who are at risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are aided with additional support as needed. National EAP recommends intervention within 24 to 48 hours after a critical incident occurs, however, ongoing on-site intervention and support is recommended for frontline medical settings and for individuals directly impacted by COVID-19.

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Employee Turnaround Interventions

Administrative referral of high-risk employees (policy violations, excessive absenteeism, substance abuse, declining performance, conflict with co-workers, racial or religious bias, etc.) for intensive assessment, counseling, referral and monitoring. Bi-weekly reports are provided (with member consent) to the organization, documenting participation and progress. This program helps to restore calm, normalize the workplace and gives the employee the opportunity to change the offending behavior. It also helps protect the organization from potential liability and reduces turnover and disability claims.
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Reduction in Force

Managing a Reduction in Force

The coronavirus pandemic has made reductions-in-force (RIF) more numerous and more challenging than ever before. The suddenness with which companies must react to both large- and small-scale dismissals has not only practical and psychological ramifications, but also legal ones. Thus, executing a reduction-in-force initiative requires an in-depth understanding of how to compassionately but carefully execute an organizational plan using the foundational tenets of emotional intelligence and effective engagement. Your leadership team will need to draw upon the skills they already have, and very likely, new ones they may not presently possess.

Planning with Emotional Intelligence in Mind

Emotional intelligence is not new, but its value is more important than ever. As your team deals with the process of excising staff, they must know how to manage the emotions of others and also their own. Combining these skills with empathy while avoiding potential conversational landmines is at the heart of a successful reduction-in-force plan.

Developing a Compassionate Program and Restoring Productivity

National EAP has the vast experience to guide your organization with a customized program that will help you deal fairly and honestly with employees and relay information unambiguously to those affected, encouraging productive two-way communication. When executed well, an RIF plan can preserve your brand and enhance your organization’s reputation.


Working with your management team, National EAP designs and delivers a comprehensive program that covers the entire RIF cycle, including pre-planning, 1:1 and/or group support and post-RIF services. We advise on the timing and dissemination of information and frequently assist with post-RIF interventions, defusing the uncertainty often felt by remaining staff. This serves to restore productivity and focus and move the organization forward.

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Anger Management Program

National EAP’s Certified Anger Management program assists individuals who are in conflict with employees, co-workers, senior management or in their personal relationships, teaching them positive, more appropriate ways to address anger and other emotions. Our 12-hour curriculum includes, but is not limited to: improving anger awareness, utilizing calming techniques, improved communication strategies and conflict resolution skills. Participation is confidential under HIPAA law and includes 1:1 sessions that can be delivered either electronically or onsite.
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Mediation Services

National EAP’s Mediation program strengthens communications skills, resolves conflict between employees and sustains effective working relationships. It includes up to 8 sessions of assessments and mediation and is delivered through blended modalities that include face-to-face, telephonic and video. The process includes an initial consult to assure mediation is appropriate; individual assessments to gauge whether the employees are good candidates for mediation; employee-employee mediation to explore the issue at hand and formulate a resolution; and follow-up to ensure the relationship is successfully rebuilt.
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Sexual Harassment Training

Some states, such as New York, have enacted stringent sexual harassment regulations requiring annual training for employees. National EAP is fully versed in state regulations and has all the training solutions you need to keep your business up-to-date and compliant. Attendees will learn about the prevalence of sexual harassment, the behaviors that can be considered harassment and steps to take if involved in a sexual harassment situation. It is often used as an administrative, intervention-based solution for problem issues.
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Sexual Harassment Remediation

For executives and leaders who may require remediation via coaching, our intervention-based training can turn around unwanted or inappropriate behavior, making them aware of behaviors that fall into the category of harassment. It can also help mitigate lawsuits and protect the organization from issues arising from sexual harassment claims.
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