COVID-19 Virtual Training for Employees

For organizations to survive and thrive during the coronavirus pandemic it is critical for leadership and employees to have the tools, training and support necessary to cope with the unique stressors they are experiencing in a COVID-19 workplace. Whatever your organizational need, National EAP has the virtual training curriculums to boost morale and instill coping skills that bolster your employees’ ability to function in a healthy, productive way.

Everyone’s way of life has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. As employers work to maintain stability and improve organizational culture and resilience, it is important to address workplace stress and the mental health of employees. Now more than ever, strong leadership and empathy, anchored in the concept of emotional intelligence, is key. National EAP gives employers and employees the training and soft skills to mitigate the effects of stress and adapt to the changes around them.

Count on National EAP to guide you and your employees through difficult times and prepare for what’s ahead.

National EAP COVID-19 Virtual Training for Employee Programs Include:

Strategies to Sustain Resiliency

Returning to the office is a nerve-wracking experience for many people. This National EAP seminar will teach employees the skills necessary to manage their stress and thrive in their new environment.

  • Recognize signs of stress
  • Learn coping skills to mitigate stress
  • Develop resilience-focused problem-solving skills

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Thriving Through Change and Transition

This National EAP virtual training program helps employees recognize if they are having difficulty with change and provides them with the skills to help them respond appropriately.

  • Identify common responses to change in the workplace
  • Learn strategies to appropriately communicate concerns
  • Develop ability to focus on scope of control

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Elevating Remote Work Performance (leadership course)

This National EAP training session is geared towards managers who are new to overseeing remote staff. The goal of this training is to provide managers will the skills needed to support their employees effectively.

  • Understand the transfer of managerial skills in the remote work world
  • Identify strategies for supervision
  • Learn skills for accountability

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Sustaining Corporate Success Through Change and Transition (leadership course)

This National EAP training session is designed for top leadership personnel and examines the insights and sensitivities needed to deliver nuanced communications to employees for optimal results. The goal of this virtual training is to provide managers with the skills to effectively guide teams through change and transition.

  • Prepare for change
  • Learn effective strategies for communication
  • Identify methods to engage and motivate employees

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