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DiSC Assessment Training

A team of employees were demonstrating in-fighting and a lack of cooperation. During interviews with the manager, employees reported their messages weren’t being heard by other team members and some employee actions were perceived as aggressive to other team members.  HR was concerned with the lack of team cohesiveness and how these behaviors may interfere with the team’s interaction with customers.  Upon assessment with National EAP, DiSC assessment training was recommended to allow the team members to understand their own communication styles and those of their team.  Each team member was sent a DiSC communication assessment to complete.  A trainer delivered our four-hour deep dive training into their DiSC assessment results to develop the participants self-awareness about their style and those of their co-workers.  The training results as reported by each of the team members, the manager and HR were communication improved dramatically and team members developed a respect for each member’s communication style and gained insight on how best to work together to achieve the needs of all the team members involved.