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Executive Coaching

HR contacted National EAP regarding a mid-level executive in need of refined leadership skills.  This executive was identified as a candidate to become senior level and needed growth in the areas of delegation, motivating staff and at times regulating his reactions with his staff.  Upon full assessment, National EAP recommended executive coaching as the best service solution to drive the desired outcomes.  During the intensive coaching process, the National EAP coach checked in with the client’s supervisor regularly and received reports of continued improvement each month.  After five months of coaching, the client’s supervisor, the executive coach and the client agreed to shifting the active coaching process into our “Coaching Maintenance Phase” which included two calls per month (for a two-month period) with the coach to be sure the new strategies for motivation and delegation were being implemented and a stable part of the executive’s management style.  HR reported a few months after completion of maintenance that the employee was promoted to senior level and his performance matched his new position within the organization.